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LED Luminaires, bulbs and strings

If you import LED luminaires or bulbs or decorative strings (Xmas tree lights) then there are particular steps you must take to ensure your equipment complies with regulations and approvals before it is sold.


LED Drivers (control gear)

Although LED drivers resemble a standard power supply / transformer they are treated differently from a testing point of view.

The correct electrical safety standard for LED drivers is AS/NZS 61347.1 and IEC 61347.2.13 – these standards are based on IEC 61347.1 You must ensure that the testing has been carried out with a rated test voltage of 240V otherwise the report cannot be used.


LED Lamp (self-ballasted)

A self-ballasted LED lamp is one that is designed with a lampholder and contains the LED module and control gear for it to operate as one unit. Intended to replace a traditional lamp.

The requirements are compliance with AS/NZS 60968, IEC 62031 and the need to

conform to standards for Edison screw (ES) or Bayonet Cap (BC) lamp holders if used. Be aware that testing has revealed many heat sinks on less expensive LED lamps fail basic requirements of insulation and should be checked for peace of mind.


LED Module (self-ballasted)

A self-ballasted LED module is equipment that comprises of the control gear and the LED lamp/s designed to be built into a box or luminaire.

The correct standard for these types of lighting modules is AS/NZS 60968 and IEC 62031. As the installation is generally for “fixed wiring” then they are regarded as “non-declared” articles.


Decorative Lighting Outfit

These are lighting chains (fairy lights/Xmas tree lights) made with LED bulbs.

These are declared articles and must comply with AS/NZS 60598.2.20 and in addition; if a “chaser/flasher” unit is included then this must meet AS/NZS 61347.2.11