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When did you last check that your production meets the originally approved product?

The introduction of the EESS (Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme) is starting to show that Government policing and field audits have begun in earnest. We are seeing more recalls and offering more assistance to clients in this regard than ever before. It is being shown that an issue in recall matters is that the factory has decided to alter the configuration of the product during its production from that of the original approved design. This could be the deletion or exchange of critical components with a less expensive option (easily spotted) or simply the raw material for the mouldings has been substituted with a lesser grade (impossible to spot without confirmatory glow wire testing). QEC Global is ready to discuss your options with regards to checking your production to ensure it continues to meet original specifications. The QEC Global shipping checks service is extremely inexpensive compared to the costs of one recall. A recent case shows the advertising costs alone for the recall notice in newspapers amounts to approximately $150 000 in Australian Newspapers and $20 000 in New Zealand newspapers. Add to that the business interruption and the cost of replacement goods and it soon becomes a “game breaker” moment for your business. QEC also recommends you research “Recall Insurance” options with your insurance broker. Feel free to talk to us about shipping checks if you think you can’t afford a recall.