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ERAC (The Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council) has recently published an Information Notice regarding Salt Lamps (aka Himalayan Salt Lamps, Rock Salt Lamp or Crystal Salt Lamp). The construction of the salt lamp determines what level of approval the luminaire requires, but ERAC also advises that additional testing of the lampholder be performed as part of any QA or approval process. Salt Lamps are notorious for “dissolving” during humid weather when not in operation. The salty “electrolyte” is a conductive medium and when it leaks onto the 240 Volt parts (the lampholder) a dangerous situation can occur. It is advised in the notice that all 240V lamp holders undergo an IP64 test to ensure that no dust or moisture can enter the lamp holder while the lamp is inserted. This is a very onerous requirement and basically restricts the sale of nearly all salt lamp lampholder designs currently on the market. If you are considering selling salt lamps, or are being offered a shipment offload at “bargain” rates, ensure you speak with QEC Global before placing any orders. Please also note that any “child appealing” designs of luminaires must be energised at Safety Extra-Low Voltage. If you have a child appealing design in your range that operates at 240V; then it does not comply with the law and cannot be sold.