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Welcome to our new refreshed website for 2013. The reason for the change is to allow us to launch our “cloud based” file storage solution and let you see our other new services.

As you can see there is a new feature called the “QEC Secure Client Login”. Many of our clients move locations, change computers or simply lose the certification paperwork we send by hard copy.

In an effort to continue your professional experience in dealing with QEC Global, we have made it even easier for you by storing your important and relevant files on a very secure cloud storage solution. The benefit is that no matter what happens at your end, your approval documentation is always available, only to you and in a uniquely secure format that is world’s apart from “regular” off site storage solutions.

QEC Global spent time to develop the new secure client access portal. What sets this apart from the rest is that the information is encrypted before it leaves our office – all the way to your local pc where it is finally de-crypted. No one can see your information and if you lose your password we will have to reset it for you because we don’t even know what it is. Security was our main objective in this project.

Secondly,you can access the files from anywhere in the world. How convenient would it be to take a look at the test report, or perhaps show someone the actual file photos of the product, or download the instruction manual for editing when you are out of the office? We will upload everything an ERAC or ACMA auditor will need to be given. No more clumsy folders or DVD’s to store somewhere for 5 years after the product completes its “registered” life. By the end of 2013 the storage will be accessible from tablets and smart phones for your ultimate “worldwide” convenience.

Thirdly, we have secured the information on secure servers located in Australia; therefore complying with the strict Australian privacy laws. Everything has been covered for you.

All new projects will have the information automatically stored on our cloud storage solution and you will be emailed your unique username and password once it has been uploaded. You will also receive email updates whenever we upload more document files for you. This cost of this service is now part of the previous compliance folder fee and hard copy folders will not be published any longer. If you have current/previous files we have managed for you that you want migrated, we would be happy to give you an estimate of costs to perform this task for you.

That’s just another QEC Global difference.