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Electrical Equipment Compliance Consultancy

We assist manufacturers, importers and suppliers of electrical equipment and appliances, to ensure compliance with Safety and EMC legal requirements for manufacturing and selling electrical equipment in Australasia.


QEC Global specialises in:

  • Electrical safety legislation and standards
  • EMC legislation and standards
  • Approval Certificates
  • EMC declarations
  • Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme (EESS)
  • RCM compliance


QEC Global will help you achieve FAST and EFFICIENT compliance and approval of your electrical equipment and appliances. All test laboratory and regulatory submissions are made on your behalf providing you with a COMPLETE compliance service.

How are we able to do this for you?

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in the electrical safety industry including previous positions held as regulatory officers with the Government Electrical Safety Office and testing officers with appliance test laboratories. With an extensive background in the electrical compliance industry we maintain good working relationships with government regulators, approval agencies and test laboratories.

We have an active membership on Standards Australia committees and key industry groups, and we work at the forefront of product standards development.

Our expertise also includes an in-depth understanding of the background issues relating to product design, manufacture, supply and quality control, including product quality control systems and strategies.

Why use QEC Global?

The requirements for electrical appliances are extensive and without the right guidance, compliance can cost you valuable time and money. QEC Global will take the complexity out of achieving compliance and provide you with the RIGHT SOLUTIONS.

Let our knowledge & expertise help you

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Electrical Safety compliance requirements in a nutshell:

All electrical equipment must comply with the safety criteria of AS/NZS 3820 Essential safety requirements for low voltage electrical equipment. This standard sets out the principles of electrical safety and requires compliance with the relevant Australian/New Zealand safety standard for each class of product.

Some electrical equipment – variously known as declared, prescribed or Level 3 in the EESS – must be approved and certified, prior to sale, and must be marked with the approval certification number or be marked with the regulatory compliance mark (RCM). It is an offence for a person to sell declared/prescribed/level 3 electrical equipment unless the electrical equipment has been approved and certified.

In states where the RCM is mandatory, any household products must comply with the requirements for electrical equipment set out in the AS/NZS 4417 series of standards.

Non-declared electrical equipment does not have to have electrical safety approval certification prior to sale, but you have a legal obligation to ensure equipment is electrically safe. It is an offence for a person to sell non-declared electrical products unless the electrical product complies with the relevant Australian standard.

CE marking and certification is not recognised in Australia or New Zealand. The best way to ensure compliance is to have the equipment tested to the applicable standard and certified.

The seller has an obligation to ensure the electrical safety of any electrical product sold.


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