QEC Global has some innovative services that are standard inclusions when you deal with us. We also have some other services that you may be interested in?

Laboratory Test Services
QEC Global has established an excellent rapport with a wide range of laboratories supplying testing services. When you require just additional “top-up” testing or full service “ground up” testing of products we can find the right laboratory to suit your needs, your budget and your time constraints.
We understand that you are too busy to worry about the legislative reporting red tape that goes with your projects. That’s why we have a project team that is dedicated to do this for you, the right way first time.
MEPS Test and Registration
Many products are now required to carry energy efficiency ratings and registrations. QEC Global has been providing a registration assistance service since 2004 to hundreds of clients. Can we make it easy for you too?
Due Diligence Checking
Often you rely on vendors to provide you with properly approved products to on-sell. But are you sure what they are telling you is true? Are you positive that the product you are being offered is identical to that which was tested?
Often the product you get approval certification for is made up of other components that have separate approval certificates. Did you know that if these certificates expire during the life of your product, you cannot sell your product?
Often you get returns from customers and you have no idea why the item failed. Is there going to be more? Whose fault was it? Am I being conned?