Often the product you get approval certification for is made up of other components that have separate approval certificates. Did you know that if these certificates expire during the life of your product, you cannot sell your product?

For example, a battery charger has a plug and cord which are both separately approved by someone. Unfortunately, when the plug or cord approval expires, you cannot legally sell the battery charger. This can leave your retailers with stock they must remove from the shelves or worse still, they will return it to you because it’s illegal for them to sell it with unapproved components like the plug and cord. QEC Global’s “Parasol” system records all component approvals at the time we get your main item approved for you. Our records system will automatically advise us in advance of impending component approval expiries. We will simply contact you to advise you of the occurrence so that you can get onto your suppliers to ensure that component certificate renewal takes place, avoiding any costly “stop sales” of your products. Parasol is an available inclusion to any product line we have on file for you. Ask us about adding this service to your approvals.