Often you get returns from customers and you have no idea why the item failed. Is there going to be more? Whose fault was it? Am I being conned?

QEC Global can perform a third-party examination of any returns and give you a written report with clear explanations and digital photos of findings for evidential purposes. This service is closely coupled with our fire investigation service experience where we have a long track record of forensic fire scene examinations and causations of electrical fires. We dovetail that experience to your products and offer you factual reports so that you can make clear business decisions about your products and any liability matters. Our facility has test rooms containing 5kW power sources (for any supply voltage up to 300V and frequency  from 47 – 400Hz), high voltage testers, earthing testers, metrology gauges and microscopes, an extensive suite of digital photography and micrography equipment, glow wire and needle flame test machines for flammability testing and laboratory ovens for ball pressure testing of mouldings. Some of our staff have extensive experience having worked in supervisory and management roles in NATA accredited test laboratories. If you have a question that needs answers, our investigation service is sure to provide them.