Product Compliance

Product Compliance

How can QEC Global help you? Manufacturers, importers and suppliers of electrical equipment and appliances are REQUIRED by law to comply with regulatory obligations in relation to:

  • Electrical safety
  • Electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Minimum Energy Performance (MEPS), and Water Efficiency Labelling (WELS)
  • Registration on the EESS public database as a registered supplier
  • QEC Global will help you achieve FAST and EFFICIENT compliance and approval of your electrical equipment and appliances for sale in Australia and overseas

How are we able to do this for you?

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in the electrical safety industry including positions held as regulatory officers with the Government Electrical Safety Office and testing officers with appliance test laboratories. With an extensive background in the electrical compliance industry we maintain good working relationships with government regulators and test laboratories.

QEC Global has an active membership on Standards Australia committees and key industry groups, and is working at the forefront of product standards.

With this unique background in electrical equipment compliance our engineers
possess a wide and in-depth knowledge in:

Government legislation relating to electrical appliances and accessories
Regulatory approvals
Testing of all types of electrical products to Australian and international standards
Providing authoritative advice and guidance on all technical matters pertaining to the
compliance requirements of electrical equipment
Product quality control systems and strategies
Electrical shock, fire and fault investigations
Minimum energy performance testing
Product comparisons
Our expertise also includes an in-depth understanding of the background issues relating to
product design, manufacture, supply and quality control.

Why use QEC Global?

The requirements for electrical appliances are extensive and without the right guidance, compliance can cost you valuable time and money.

QEC Global will take the complexity out of achieving compliance and provide you with the RIGHT SOLUTIONS.

CLEAR and PRECISE written advice including photographic images and drawings are provided so that you and the factory understand any necessary product changes.

All test laboratory and regulatory submissions are made on your behalf providing you with a COMPLETE compliance service.

Our CUSTOMER FOCUSED service based on VALUE and QUALITY will effectively support your business and provide you with the highest level of confidence every time.

This is why Australian Importers and large overseas Laboratory groups choose to use QEC Global to gain electrical approval in Australia and New Zealand.

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