Why use QEC Services?

QEC Global has been assisting its clients to fulfill their responsibilities to public safety since 1999.

Our staff possess a wealth of Regulatory, Technical and Manufacturing experience and understand the legalities, technicalities as well as your obligations and business drivers. Our people have held supervisory positions in both Government Regulatory Offices and Approval Test Laboratories – we thoroughly understand standards and their application by having actually “been there”!. What this means to you is we really know how to manage your projects efficiently. We know the Government, we know the laboratories and we know how to protect you. Establish these credentials first when choosing an approvals consultant to represent you.

Our research facility is designed to allow our approval specialists to assess, test and report on the condition of the samples you intend to market. QEC Global’s Maleny facility has purpose built test rooms fitted-out specifically for Metrology (digital photography and measurement), Electrical Test (electrical testing and measurement with fully adjustable supply voltage and frequency) and Fire Tests where we perform Glow wire testing, Needle flame testing and Ball Pressure Testing on client’s products. All of this product assessment at our facility ensures that expensive laboratory testing is minimised by uncovering any potential weaknesses in the product before submission to a registered test laboratory. QEC Global is not a test laboratory. All compliance testing is contracted to accredited test laboratories on your behalf.

Production checking is carried out in our well equipped facility to our client’s specifications. This ensures that each production batch is “as designed and approved”. The benefit of production checking to you is that expensive product recalls are minimised. Please feel free to enquire more about this service.

Does my electrical equipment need approval before sale in Australia?
All electrical equipment intended for connection to mains electricity supply and intended for sale in Australia must be proven to be electrically safe.  Specific items (declared or prescribed electrical products) must in addition have approval certification and be marked to show compliance with this requirement.
New Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) requirements 2013

From March 2013, all suppliers of electrical equipment in Australia and New Zealand must be registered on the public EESS database and the electrical equipment they market must also be registered. QEC Global can assist suppliers in ensuring their equipment is not only approved but also registered on the public database. EESS Database renewal occurs on a yearly basis and we can ensure that your registration remains current by utilising our proven internal reminder processes. QEC Global can take the confusion out of this new system for you and ensure that you are fully compliant with the new regulations.

QEC Global are experts in the field and can assist you in meeting these obligations for all electrical equipment and applicable electrical safety certification requirements.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary. The amount of work required to gain approval in Australia/New Zealand will depend on what existing test reports and documentation you have access to. If additional testing is required, QEC Global will find and recommend the most efficient/cost effective laboratory to perform this testing and will also liaise between laboratories and government departments on your behalf.

We charge only for the work performed and will provide you with a free estimate of the work required once you can supply us with a representative sample of the equipment and all the test reports you have access to.

How long will it take?

QEC Global understands that “time to market” is critical for our clients. Once all application documentation is compiled, we will send it to the approval office that has the shortest processing time at that point. We utilise the complete network of Government Departments and JAS-ANZ certified compliance firms in order to get your product approved in the shortest possible time frames. Usually an application takes 2-3 weeks from start of assessment to issue of certificate. QEC Global prides itself on the completeness of our application documentation which saves time when dealing with Government approval offices.

What else do I need to be aware of?

Electrical Safety is one of the 3 key electrical components of approval in Australia/New Zealand. You also need to ensure you have EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) compliance for your products and for certain appliances there are Energy Rating (MEPS) and Water Efficiency (WELS) requirements to be met. QEC Global will ensure that your equipment is covered for all of these due-diligence requirements as part of our standard compliance procedures if requested.

How do I start the process?

It’s really easy. Send us a sample of your product along with all the test reports you have so far. Typically you should be able to source from the factory reports known as “LVD” or safety reports, EMC reports and if applicable, ENERGY RATING reports to the applicable Australian/New Zealand or IEC/EN (International) standards for the product. Once we have an indication of how complete the reports are we can then advise a test plan and the estimated costs involved.

The benefit of having QEC Global as a partner to your business is that you can concentrate on what you do best, knowing you have your electrical safety obligations in the hands of experts. Once you become a client, QEC Global will also keep you abreast of any changes in legislation that affect your equipment and will also act as a knowledge base for any future equipment you are considering marketing. Our clients range from Australian small to medium enterprises (SME’s) through to multi-national manufacturers, all of whom have acknowledged it is far better to outsource electrical compliance to the experts.

QEC Global – at your service!