Electrical Fires & Faults

Electrical Fires & Faults


Electrical faults in building wiring and electrical equipment can and do cause fires or substantial loss. Statistics show that 20% of fires are caused by electrical faults.

Electricity leaves very little evidence of where it has been and it is often difficult to understand the various modes of electrical failure.

What was responsible for the electrical fault – faulty manufacture, inadequate design or non-compliant installation?

How can QEC Global help you?

QEC Global offers a specialised fire & fault investigation service that focuses on scene examination and the analysis of the fire remains of electrical equipment.

Our electrical investigation can supplement an overall forensic fire investigation to determine what part electricity played in the fire.

Our service includes the provision of a detailed investigation report on the evidence found relating to the mode of failure and cause. This can also include expert testimony in a court of law.

How are we able to do this for you?

QEC Global’s investigation team has a wealth of experience in electrical fire investigation including positions held as fire investigators with the QLD Government’s Electrical Safety Office.

With this unique background the QEC Global team possesses a wide and in-depth knowledge in:

  • Government legislation – Electricity Act and associated standards and codes.
  • Testing of all types of appliances to Australian and international standards.
  • Fire hazard testing of appliances.
  • Investigation of electrical accidents, fires and complaints associated with electrical equipment.
  • Over 200 fires investigated

The benefits to you

Electrical fire & fault investigation is a highly specialised field. The findings of an investigation without specialist electrical assistance can be incorrect or incomplete.

QEC Global will help you find the right answers.